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  1. अजय श्रीवास्तव

    लेख कमाल, अनुवाद और कमाल का लगा ही नहीं कि अनूदित लेख है। वैसे लेखिका बधाई की पात्र हैं। संगीत का ऐसा ज्ञान और साथ में भाषा की ऐसी रवानी सब कुछ कमाल।

  2. Tarun pande

    Thanks for remembering one of my favorite musician.The explaination is fantastic. How life live with ego ,OP is perfect example. I never heard anyone from film industry, who lived his life in such a egoistic manner. OP never compromise on his value till his death despite of so adverse condition.

  3. Arun Barve

    the blending fro one rhythm to another without a clue of patch was OPN speciality , much can be said about his distinct style of orchestra !

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